Using Google + Communities

Posted by on Feb 1, 2014 in 1: February | No Comments

Why use a Google+ private community, as opposed to Facebook?

There are several reasons. For one thing, Google+ communities are calmer and more easeful, with fewer things “coming at” you as you navigate through the site.

For another thing, content can be more organized. For instance, there is an “Events” tab that will house all of the event information for recurring group calls. It’s easier to go to one “Events” tab to get your call-in information, than to try to remember whether that’s in your email inbox, or posted within the group, or…

Finally, much of Google’s features can be integrated into course content. Documents can be shared. Forms can be created. All of it can be organized into folders that are housed on a cloud (and, of course, you can also back those up to your home computer).

Watch this short video to acquaint yourself with the Google+ community system.