Major Concentration in Somatics and Embodied Learning

Hey CLCC grads! As we continue to expand the program, we’re moving into offering optional “Major Concentrations” in a variety of different subjects. When attending a college program, students complete a general education core and then choose a major concentration to go deeper on a specific topic. In the Courageous Living Coach Certification, you’ve already completed the “general education” of becoming a life coach by graduating from our program. Now, you’ll be able to complete additional training in a major concentration.

Strozzi Institute Partnership

We’re partnering with the acclaimed Strozzi Institute, a school of education that offers somatic coach training and leadership development, to offer a CLCC-specific course on somatics and trauma for life coaches. This course is only open to CLCC graduates and trainees who are working through the current year’s curriculum, and will be taught by the Strozzi Institute exclusively for our graduates and trainees.

Curriculum Overview

July 6th: Receive pre-session materials and first coursework video, plus homework. You’ll get an introduction to somatics and an overview of the coursework that paves the way for our live calls. This session will answer questions such as, What is Soma, and how is it relevant to coaching? How does one transform through the body? And what practices serve this transformation?

July 20th: 5:30-7:30pm Pacific. Q&A and short demos with Strozzi Institute master teacher David Treleaven. Next homework assignment offered.

August 10th AND 24th 5:30-7:30 Pacific. Module Two: Trauma Basics for Coaches
What is a somatic definition of trauma? How can coaches safely, competently, and effectively recognize trauma if it arises in their practice? Drawing on the insights of two trauma specialists, this two session module will explore the difference between conditioned tendencies and high trauma states, the importance of resilience, and a practical list of signs that will help you detect when someone is experiencing traumatic symptoms, and how to know when to refer to a trauma professional. A homework assignment will be offered.


“Do I need to attend all sessions?”
Yes. Sessions are held live on July 20th, August 10th, and August 24th. They all build on one another, so missing one session would leave you unprepared for the others. If you know in advance that you only need to miss one session, you can let us know the date and we can see whether or not we will be able to offer a recording for your review.

“What’s the homework like? Do I need to do the homework?”
Homework will primarily consist of self-education work (such as watching a video or writing out response questions) and swapping sessions with others taking the course. We won’t monitor whether or not you are completing work or swapping sessions, but it would be harder to fully integrate the skill-set, without doing that work.

“How will courses be taught?”
While a regular phone line option will be made available, the Strozzi Institute prefers to teach via live video, so you’ll be given a Zoom Conference access for a private video conference room.

“How much does it cost?”
The total cost is $600. There is a $300 non-refundable deposit due by June 8th, and then two more installments of $150 would be due June 29th and July 5th. It’s possible to pay in full if you prefer; just let Adrianne know after you register your deposit and we’ll send an immediate invoice for the remainder.

“Can I pay for just part of the training?”
The tuition for the training is for the entirety of the training. Paying in installments is offered to make it more budget-friendly, but the full tuition is due.

“How would this be a ‘major concentration’ for me?”
If you’ve already graduated, completion of this major by finishing all aspects of the training would mean that you could reflect yourself as having completed this additional training on your website, and we would also update your graduate profile to reflect your completion of this training on our CLCC Graduates page. If you are currently completing the 2017 curriculum, you would see this major concentration reflected when you complete portfolio review and officially graduate.

“I’m a current trainee. Can this training make up for one of my absences? Can I count the swapped sessions towards my one-on-one hours?”

Completion of this training can make up for one of your absences, but just one (why? Because the content here doesn’t cover the general coaching skill-set as our CLCC core curriculum does, in alignment with ICF Core Competencies and ACC Portfolio Path guidelines). All sessions that you swap for the homework related to this training can count towards your overall one-on-one hours.

“I’m a CLCC participant who [didn’t graduate/just wants to take the training for my personal enjoyment]. Can I?”
Maybe (and probably). When we coordinated the creation of this curriculum, we based what we would cover on assuming that anyone who has graduated from the CLCC has covered specific things as part of their training. We would first want to see if you completed these aspects of the training to ensure that you were properly prepared for participation in this training event.

To Register

To register, click the button below to register your deposit. After registering your deposit, we’ll reach out to you within 2 business days to confirm your participation and we’ll also send you a contract addendum that extends the existing contract signed with the CLCC to include the specific terms of our partnership with the Strozzi Institute.