tribe clcc reunion


You know it when you see it in other people:
they're not getting weighed down by life. 

They're sovereign over their time, their money, their bodies, their careers. They don't seem to get weighed down by other people's opinions, a long to-do list, or the uncertainty of trying to build their businesses or change their lives.

This isn't to say that they are "perfect." Yes, they experience doubt, overwhelm, or frustration. The difference?

They are sovereign over their lives--which means that even when frustrations arise, they decide how to feel the truth of it and then...move forward.



It's something you learn, through practicing courage + the commitment to move forward with a supportive group.

You got a taste of it, when you left your initial CLCC retreat and thought, "I can do this!"

That feeling? It was real. You were coming home, to yourself.
Wherever you've drifted, since then? 
You can come back. 

A LIfe of


Our reunion retreat will be some parts joy-filled adventure, and other parts deep-dive into the truth-truth-truth of who you are and what you want for your life. It’s time to step into more courageous leadership, re-set what feels out of control or overwhelming, have some fun, and reconnect with the people who share values of community, connection, and courage.

And–YES–even if you have decided not to pursue an entrepreneurial use of your coaching skill-set, you’re still welcome, here.

You’ll walk away from our retreat clear on your values and vision for your life: money, health, relationships, family, work, and more. Lose the overwhelm + gain the joy.

Dates: September 15th and 16th, 2018
Location: San Francisco Bay Area
Cost: $1,275 **
Included: In-person training, lodging (shared rooms with singles available), breakfasts and lunches, a swag bag with materials, 30-day follow-up as you step into new ways of being with the tools that you learn. Request a single room for an additional fee, after registering.


This button will allow you to register your $500 deposit, which is non-refundable (we start applying it to accommodations and other retreat expenses with vendors we contract with).

We’ll reach out to welcome you, send you two invoices for $387.50 on July 1st and August 1st of 2018, and get you a travel PDF with information about getting to/from the retreat. 

Flying in? Book a flight into either Santa Rosa or San Francisco International (avoid Oakland, as the travel times for the shuttle are a bit of a pain!).

LET's begin.

I'm so excited that we'll get to jam, again.
I'm so excited that you'll get to feel more connected to your tribe, again.
I'm so excited that you'll get to feel...sovereign. 
You've got it in you.
Let's do this, together!